Shock and pride

I landed it! It’s an amazing surprise, but after these months of trying and trying I have finally managed to land my lotus on my arms and karandavasana¬†is mine! It seems quite a crazy thing to be trying to do, really. It was little bit by little bit and it was hard. I guess you’re not really supposed to be proud in these moments, but I’m human and I am. Monday I will be starting mayurasana! One thing I love about this practice is that you never know what you’re going to be capable of doing with diligent and consistent practice. I love that it breaks down the pre-conceived ideas you have about what your body can do. You constantly evolve both physically and mentally. You can’t help but let it change you, and I see nothing but positives that it has brought to my life. My husband has now been coming for about two and a half months. We’ve recently changed to a new shala, opened by two of the assistants at AYO who have struck out on their own. It’s been lovely so far. It’s a beautiful space and I look forward to helping grow this new little community.


The insect walk

Holy heck, yogis, intermediate series is kicking my butt! Last week was my first full week of being split, after the fiasco of the previous week, and I was feeling it! I can explain it in no other way than saying it was intense, both mentally and physically. In primary series there is a feeling of safety, of comfort. While you are asked to challenge yourself, it just somehow feels so much more manageable. It is yoga chikitsa, afterall. When adding on the poses of intermediate it all feels doable (at least attempt-able) after the long “warm-up” of primary series. When that whole series is taken away, you are left with the realization that second series is actually extremely challenging and you are asking your body (especially your poor, overworked spine) to really go to it’s extremes with the intense back bending, twisting, and crunching (leg behind head postures). It’s really all over the map, while primary is so forward fold heavy. It’s a bit intimidating, to be honest. You start your sun sals and you know that in 25 minutes, or whatever, you’ll be saying hello to kapotasana already. And, dudes, all that leg behind head action is serious! My hips are going to their limit! By yoganidrasana they’re just complaining and done with the whole business.

All this being said, I feel like I’m starting to adjust already. I know my body is capable, but my mind can be limiting. It opens you up to amazing growth to push yourself on both levels (mentally and physically), though.

So apparently we’re on to the next challenge already. Welcome to the fold, tittibhasana A, B, C, D. As of today, (I guess at this point it’s yesterday, but I’m working a night shift and it still feels like Sunday practice was today), this is my new stopping point. I’ve only done A before, but I’ve never jumped in. I also didn’t today (slacker?) but I will try tomorrow. I have no idea how it’s possible to get your legs in the correct position with a jump, especially since I am still such a slave to gravity. The next three versions of the posture were stupidly hard, and C is pretty weird with the insect walk forward and back. I think it could be the most foolish looking thing I’ve done on my mat so far. The end surprise is how much your quads burn when you finally exit, I had no idea! The hardest part for me was keeping my balance. I felt as though I was going to fall onto my back (scary!), especially during the final version. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes through the week. Like everything else, I’m sure I will make peace with it in time.

Here is the brilliant Laruga Glaser showing you how my new friends, the tittibhasanas, should look: