Sometimes it pours…

And here we are just chugging right along. Vatayanasana could be awhile. That shit is hard!!


Just when I thought it might never happen…

Once again I prove to myself that my body is capable of things I once thought impossible. Yesterday I got nakrasana. This was the longest I have ever worked on a posture; Mayurasana was a toughie! I’m not one of those waifish yoga women without too much lower body to lift!

Mark Darby, photo from

Mark Darby, photo from


So, I may have failed in my plan to make it a six practice week. I missed Monday morning, for no good reason other than being exhausted and totally unable to leave my bed. Otherwise, it’s been a great week. My hips are taking longer to loosen up and my knees are complaining, but jump backs are coming along nicely and I’m landing bakasana B every day (although perhaps not on my first attempt). I’ve been trying not to itch for my next pose but, as I have admitted here, I have been. Today my teacher grabbed me on my way out and told me to start eka pada next week! I feel like there is a lot of opportunity for injury in this pose(s), but I think my body is ready for the challenge. Another exciting thing is that I’ll be starting eka pada on the weekend, but not at AYO. Saturday starts my nine days of David Swenson! I’ll be doing mysore with him this weekend as well two of the workshops on Sunday. The rest of the week is my primary series teacher training. I’ll be practicing at AYO in the morning, then taking the bus out to Swenson-fest for 9-5. I was so sad about missing out on the David Robson training, but I’m hoping to have a great week this week to make up for it. Led tomorrow morning, then I’ll be sure to post about my experience of mysore with the legendary Swenson. 🙂