A comfortable week

Moon day tomorrow! That means no intermediate poses until Sunday, so I’m pretty happy and so is my back. Practice has been feeling great. I’ve just really been enjoying it this week. I’m not too sure whether there’s been much improvement in my poses, but I think I’m in a comfortable place with my current line-up. In fresh asana news, I actually grabbed both ankles in my assisted back bend yesterday and, let me tell you, it was seriously intense! Not painful, but lots of sensation, LOTS. My obviously very trusted assistant had to keep telling me to breathe. It’s bizarre how often I have to remind myself to do that. It’s during the very focused moments, or sometimes during a longer (read: sloppier) transition so I can “stick to the vinyasa.”  I don’t think it counts when you have to hold your breath. One of the many things I love is the universality of the ashtanga experience,  so I’m 100% sure that I’m not the only practitioner that does this. Tying in to that, I had an awesome moment yesterday with my neighbour. We got to kapotasana at the same time and were on our knees psyching ourselves up (out?) before attempting to turn ourselves into the letter D, but we shared a high five and a laugh first for support. I love that ashtanga is an individual practice, but you have a community of people to walk the path with. It’s a nice feeling when you smack your face off the mat (something I also did yesterday) and there’s someone there to laugh with (or at) you. I always know I’m not the only one who tries and struggles and falls and sweats. I guess some of this unoriginal observation comes from my shitty adherence to my drishti. Oops.

Off to a cottage with friends for a couple days, where I will enjoy Friday primary outside by the lake. Sunday practice will be at AYCT, so there’s lots to look forward to on and off the mat over the next four days. Friends and relaxing and time away are much needed right now!


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