In brief

– Kapo is kicking my ass, but I did manage to get my heels yesterday. It was extremely taxing.

– Practice has beenCRAZY HOT! Oh, the sweat waterfall.

– My right knee is sore and it’s making half lotus difficult, but not so much full (maybe because I’m much warmer by that point in the series).

– I’m feeling ready for eka pada, but not for having a longer practice.

– Backbends have been awesome, except when my teacher has been trying to get me to catch my ankles. My body says “no way, Jose!”

– I wasthis close to landing bakasana B today, but still haven’t managed it even once.

– I’m 25 days into a diet shift and feeling good. Yes, I’m still eating meat (still feeling guilty), but more ethical meat.

In summary life is stressful, but my mat is my sanctuary. You can’t find me there, work stress!! HA!



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