Sucker for punishment

Today was possibly the sweatiest practice of all time. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it really was ridiculous. I was pouring sweat by the end of my surya namaskars. I felt really weak today. My body was tired, as if I’d already done a really tough workout this morning before AYO. I quit working on my jump backs around the marychis because I was worried I wouldn’t make it otherwise! Supta kurmasana continues to be so close, but I still can’t quite put it together. Maybe tomorrow? 😉 I called my teacher over after laghu vajrasana and told her I felt ready to start kapotasana again. She was very supportive and she told me to just take it really slowly, not worrying about when my hands got on my feet. I did it and it was hard, but it felt good. No back tweaking, no SI pain, no popped ribs. I was able to hold both A and B for a full five breaths and I got my hands onto the balls of my feet without forcing it. She told me to skip supta vajrasana for now and do the following three postures. Bakasana B was tough with a weak, tired body, but I almost got it. Ending at the twists in a nice place to stop. Back bends were pretty awesome. I think I’m pretty close to my feet in my assisted. We didn’t do ankles again this week, but I have been walking in quite far. Today I could see my feet clearly, not just glimpse the heels, which is new.

I went to my chiropractor for the third time today. He says my pelvis is all aligned again and my rib is back in place. He gave my ribs a couple more adjustments for good measure. I’m going next week just for massage. My back and neck muscles are very tight, so why not relieve the discomfort?

My sister-in-law is coming this weekend, so we’ll get to practice together on Sunday and Monday mornings. I love that! I’m already excited, but still have to get through led tomorrow first. Goal: get up for practice in the morning! I refuse to let myself miss another led class, no more Friday slacking!


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