Assisting and ankle grabbing

Progress on getting back to my six mornings routine? I was this close to being successful in my goal last week. Dang led primary is my downfall. I was running late by ten minutes, which wouldn’t have mattered any other morning, but I couldn’t go in late, so I stayed home. Full disclosure: I should also be at practice now, but after working last night I would only have had an hour between jobs and I was just plain too tired to manage it today.

In other personal practice news, yesterday was grande. I had a hot, energetic practice that I really enjoyed (no surprise – Sunday). I think I’m making progress on my jump backs and certainly attempted, with gusto, in every transition. I hope one day it will just happen. Maybe tomorrow, right? 😉 Another biggie – I got into supta kurmasana with only a foot cross needed from the assistant. I was pleased, maybe there is light at the end of this long tunnel.  Still just doing up to laghu vajrasana and, even though I’ve been wanting to add back in the other poses, I know I should follow the advice of my chiropractor and wait until I’m fully healed before trying to pretzel myself into kapotasana again. That being said, my teacher did take my hand to my ankle in my assisted back bend. I was supposed to bring the other one back myself, but I could only hopelessly slip off my foot. It was intense, but ok. Actually, let’s be honest here, I was excited and thought it was awesome!

Eoin Finn, who I am doing my YTT with, was here doing workshops this weekend. I waffled about whether I would attend or not because, as we all know, this yoga thing does not always come cheap. I skipped the Friday evening, but decided to ask Eoin if I could come assist him during the five-hour workshop on Saturday. It happened! It was a really cool experience. There were a lot of teachers there, which was a tad intimidating, but people who don’t know me just assumed I knew what I was talking about. It gave me a lot of confidence. I think it went ok. I did my best and got my hands on lots of people and answered questions during the small group activities. It was such a different experience watching people practice. It was kind of hard to not be joining in the fun, so I was glad to give up the opportunity to assist again on Sunday and practice instead. I was a bit tired after going to AYO right before and having quite an intense physical practice (what, Ashtanga physical? No way!). The flow we did with Eoin was super sweaty and fun. We did some handstand and pincha and core work and lots of hip openers. Three hours later, I was exhausted! I am feeling it today! I had the opportunity to talk to some of the newer yoga teachers there and pick their brains a bit. It was comforting that everyone basically said the same thing – teaching gets easier every time you do it. It made me enthusiastic about organizing some more opportunities to teach. Stay tuned, I’m sure this is just the beginning of this new road on my yoga journey.

Four more days to get my butt out of bed and get to practice this week. I will make it to led!



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