First steps, failure, and feeling good

Yesterday was my first time teaching a yoga class! Yes, it was informal, and yes, it was only my husband and two close friends, but it was still teaching. We went down to the park together and set up on the grass in a nice shady spot. It was perfect weather. I was surprised that I didn’t feel nervous, I wasn’t totally relaxed and calm either, but no butterflies. I think it went pretty well. I wanted to do this little class with “safe” people before I reach out to a broader group for more practice. I’m going to try to do this regularly through the summer and hopefully my comfort level will increase and my teaching will improve. Yay for being brave!

I’ve had a very hard time getting back into my morning routine since coming home from my teacher training in BC. I will admit publicly that I’ve only gone to morning mysore three times each week for the last two weeks (this feels like a huge failure on my part, and I alternately feel very silly for feeling like a failure). A number of factors are contributing to this, such as not getting to bed early enough and work being incredibly stressful lately. I am determined to make a better effort this upcoming week. There is a moon day this week, so it’s a good week to commit to practicing all prescribed days because I get a freebie. I started things off right, by getting on my mat this morning.

Lo and behold, a new assistant at AYO! Very exciting, I must say. I love having someone new around, teacher or assistant, because it’s so helpful to have a fresh perspective on your practice. It was the busiest I have ever seen it today, so there wasn’t much time for lots of personal attention, but I did still get a really great assist in marichy D. She opened my shoulders further and supported me while encouraging me to drop the raised hip as close to the floor as possible. It felt great. My left ribs are still uncomfortable when twisting to the right, but not like they were. Today was the first practice in ages, possibly months, when I really felt like I had my body back. I made the attempt to jump back properly in every vinyasa and it was probably incredibly awkward looking, but it felt amazing to try again. I jumped back from bhujapidasana and supta kurmasana with no fuss. I lifted without touching my feet down between navasanas, and I even held uth pluthi for ten full, calm breaths. Drop backs were fine, not awesome, but I’ll take it. My assisted back bend was the best I’ve had in ages. I don’t want to rush back in to doing kapotasana, but I wanted to do it so badly today! I’m going to wait until after this weeks chiropractic adjustment and then ask my teacher about doing my full practice again. Am I being to ambitious? I truly don’t want to injure myself again. I might be getting carried away because it’s so nice to be able to do everything again. It’s more than two hours post-practice and I’m still feeling fine, so I don’t think I worsened anything today. I can’t wait until my ribs and SI are completely properly realigned again, then I’m sure I’ll feel even better.

It’s easy to be in love with my practice when things are working!


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