Next time I’ll listen, body, I swear!

I had my first ever visit to a chiropractor today. I went with trepidation because I have always had this image of what happens in those appointments and it wasn’t pretty, just scary looking. I just knew that the couple of massages I’ve been to over the past few months didn’t fix the problems I’ve been having. Enough was just enough, time for to look at the issues through a new lens. I had an assessment and went through my list of physical complaints. My main focus was this stupid rib pain, but I also talked about the SI issues I’ve had since April. He poked and prodded and made me bend and twist. He told me that nothing serious is wrong, I’m fairly symmetrical and basically ok. Phew! He also told me that it looks as though I popped a rib out when I first hurt my ribs, (I wish I could remember how he explained that this is even physically possible), but my body has done its best to repair itself. Stuff is still not quite right on the left side of my rib cage and the rib isn’t quite in its proper place yet, so he adjusted that. It was weird and intense. I think my eyes almost bugged out of my head when he did the adjustment. It didn’t hurt, but it was startling. He also told me that my left SI joint is out of wack too, probably since my initial injury in April. He did another adjustment there. Again, woah! I am supposed to go back for about three more sesssions, starting in a week. I am so glad I saw him! I went to practice right after (an “ashtanga” class at the studio downstairs from the clinic) and I already felt much better! I’m so excited about feeling less pain (it still hurts a little when I sneeze) and I can’t wait for practice in the morning! The chiropractor told me to still take it easy until I’m totally fixed, but I’m happy to know what’s been wrong and that it’s going to be better soon. Yay for new healing experiences!




  1. gina said,

    April 19, 2014 at 11:11 am

    What position did he have you in for the SI adjustment? Mine has been jammed for 2 months and two chiro adjustments have done nothing. Im not sure if its the doctor or me. Any other tips for this injury?

    • KT said,

      April 21, 2014 at 12:00 am

      My chiro adjusted me twice to fix the problem, once laying on each side with one knee up. Maybe try a new doc? Did he/she give you any supplementary exercises to help? I was given a number of strengthening moves for that area to try to increase stability. I’ll be honest that I didn’t follow through on doing them but I know I should!
      Good luck! I hope this resolves for you, it can be so painful.

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