Peace peace peace

Let’s not dwell on last weeks shortcomings, both physically and mentally, let’s move forward into this bright shiny new week. Historically it is much easier for me to be in a positive frame of mind about my practice on a blissfully relaxed Sunday, but I want today to set the tone for this week. I had such a great practice this morning, I felt focused, but easy in my body. I took full, slow breaths. I didn’t push anything that felt potentially painful. No missed poses. Not that there weren’t struggles, but just the expected ones (utthita hasta padangusthasana, I’m looking at you). I was careful through seated, but my ribs were feeling much better, so I attempted jumping back/ through. It went better than I would have anticipated. I bound marichyasana D without too much discomfort. I even kept my feel off the floor for the lifts in navasana, and my ribs only complained slightly. No jumping back from bhujapidasana or the kurmasanas yet, I don’t want to push too hard and have a setback. Supta kurmasana was quite good today. I played around before getting into it, doing some stretches and yoganidrasana. I hate to go back to this slightly sick and dangerous thinking, but it would be so much easier to do the pose if my legs were less fleshy! My neck was bothering me today, so I only held setu bandhasana for three breaths before putting my hands down for support. Pasasana was tough to bind and balance today, and I got a shoulder opening assist because I think I was kind of hunching towards my knees. Dhanurasana and parsva weren’t nearly as tough as usual. I focused on bringing my knees closer without dumping into my lower back. I was really concentrating on bandhas and bringing the pubic bone forward. I used a block for ustrasana, laghu vajrasana, and my first urdhva dhanurasana. Huge help! It made laghu so much harder! I’m usually splaying my knees out on the lift up. Back bends felt amazing today, so I decided to try to stand up, and I did it. Since I’d gotten up, I figured I may as well try a drop back, so I did three. They felt so fun! I wasn’t as controlled going back as I was a few weeks ago, but coming up was good. I did one assisted and didn’t worry much about walking my hands in, I just focused on my bandhas and internal thigh rotation and all those good alignment points that I was ignoring pre-SI joint injury.

We have a new room for closing at the shala, which I was skeptical about at first, thinking we really didn’t need it. I’ve changed my tune after using it last week. It’s so nice. It faces the back of the building, where no traffic noises come in, and it’s cool and quiet and peaceful. I really took my time in the closing postures (even uth pluthi today!) and then did my closing chant, which I always follow by repeating the end in English to myself (may all being everywhere be happy and free, om peace peace peace) and after each repetition of peace I focus my energy towards someone/thing. The first “peace” goes out to the world, the second to my friends and family (with special emphasis visualizing those who need it most), and the third I wish for within myself. The visualization that came to me when I first started doing this was wrapping a cozy blanket around whatever I was sending those peaceful, loving feelings towards, so that’s what I still do, even the planet. Is this a little weird? I’m fine if it is, it’s a wonderful way to end my practice and it sets me up for a meditative savasana.

I’m off to shower and get ready for a baby shower this afternoon, before work tonight. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



1 Comment

  1. nadinefawell said,

    June 11, 2012 at 3:55 am

    Love your three peaces! Not weird at all x

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