Taking it easy

Thursday, thank goodness. I’m having a massively stressful work week and I made the decision to sleep through practice and go late to work today. The two previous days on my mat have actually been ok.

Tuesday I did my practice up to laghu, as suggested by my teacher. It felt pretty good. No excruciating pain. I’m taking it really easy in the twists, not binding marichyasana D at all. The back bends feel a bit harsh, probably in part from being out of practice after my two week hiatus from any serious back bending practice. I’m really working on trying to keep my bandhas engaged and my butt cheeks from clenching. I suppose there will always be some part of my body that isn’t cooperating with my vision of the asanas (psoas!). I spoke with my teacher again after practice and she gave me her outline of a plan. She says to add drop backs in again when I feel like I can’t stand not doing them anymore, then we’ll add kapo back and really analyze it to find out where things went wrong. I can handle that.

Yesterday I was pressed for time, so I only did primary, which was nice. I got an assist in downward dog, which I always love, but otherwise I wasn’t touched. Without the jump throughs/backs the practice feels much slower and more careful, in a nice way. I’m still sweating, although not as much.

I’m trying to feel better about things and resist the urge to yell to everyone in the mysore room that I’m injured and that’s why I’m taking it easy and not doing my full practice. Silly me. I’m seeing a chiropractor (for the first time) on Tuesday, and I hope he’ll be able to help me with healing. I’m actually looking forward to led tomorrow, for once. I’m hoping to have time for post-practice tea and chatting with my AYO pals.


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