A break from the regularly scheduled programming

Today is my wedding anniversary, and while this isn’t my usual asana based post, it does connect to my practice. When my husband and I met, I was definitely practicing yoga but had not yet discovered the joys/challenges of mysore practice. He had never done yoga at all and made the time and effort to come to a number of classes with me. He didn’t enjoy it that much, but put in effort to understand my passion for it. When I did begin daily mysore, he was very supportive. He would help me get up in the mornings and took an interest in what I was learning. He has watched countless hours of youtube videos, listened to me ramble on about my dreams of Mysore (India) and my conflict around eating meat, and, of course, endless hours of dissecting my asana practice. Ashtanga is a path that requires dedication and focus and having a partner who is understanding has been so important for me. Not everyone would be ok with a wife who goes to bed so early, who never wants a glass of wine with dinner, who spends all their money on workshops and shala fees. So, today I am thanking my amazing husband for everything he does but most especially for all the behind the scenes support of what goes on on my mat every morning. Happy anniversary, my love!


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