Triumphant return

After a lengthy hiatus from practice (four days!!) I finally felt ready to give it a go again this morning. Most of my various pains have healed themselves with the rest, although my SI/whatever-the-heck-it-is is still bothering me a fair bit. It felt wonderful to be back on my mat, surrounded by our AYO community. The room was super humid today and I loved it! I took things slow, especially with the hamstring pull from last week still a little tweaky. I had such a nice practice. Watching Kino’s garbha pindasana video inspired me to try today and I actually managed to get both arms through for only the second time since I was given the pose! I got stuck at the elbows though, and then it hurt and I couldn’t get my parts untangled, so the exit was less than graceful. I had my best ever attempts at jumping into bakasana too, which was encouraging. Sometimes taking a break is just what the body needs and you go back feeling so refreshed and energized. My re-introduction of chakrasana is also going great. I think the decrease in momentum is going to keep me from pulling my neck again. Kapotasana was ok, which was a relief. Drop backs were so-so. I didn’t push anything in my back bends today. I’m going to see my massage therapist on Thursday to hopefully get some help with this lower back/upper ass issue. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep my body injury free until then, and maybe get some help with healing the problems I’m having. Oh, intermediate series, you are breaking me but I love you.


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