Lately I’ve been feeling a bit like my body is rejecting my practice. My hips have tightened up again leading to tender knees, I have a pulled muscle in my right forearm, pulled intercostal muscles on my left side, very sore sacrum area on both sides, AND a slight pull at the connection point of my right hamstring. I honestly don’t feel as if I’ve been pushing extra hard or practicing differently, but my body is struggling. I actually took yesterday morning off to give myself a day of healing, but it just wasn’t long enough. With moon days falling on Saturdays this month, I’ve taken it upon myself to just add in a few extra rest days. I feel fine about it, Ashtanga police be damned. I think I’m listening to my body and doing my best to take care of myself. That being said, I have every intention of seeing a massage therapist in the next week for a better assessment of the situation with my sacrum. Today I had some extremely uncomfortable feelings in my assisted back bend, which made me nervous. I have no interest in whatever lessons a back injury could teach me.

From my first surya namaskara to savasana takes me about an hour and three quarters right now but I’m finding the length manageable most days. In fact, I’m really enjoying practice. There’s a little bit of everything now: forward bends, twists, back bends, an arm balance, etc. I have enough to challenge me and keep the practice from feeling boring or even allowing my mind to wander. It’s a beautiful thing, this practice, and I’m so grateful for what it has brought to my life.

On an extra happy note, I leave for my first installment of teacher training two weeks from today! I feel vaguely sick when I think about actually teaching a class, but I think I could get over that and it would be fun. I also think the training will have a positive impact on my personal practice. The plan was to do this YTT course with my cousin, which was 90% of why I chose this particular course, but she bailed and now I’m flying solo. The training is with Eoin Finn on Vancouver Island. He practices a vinyasa flow style of yoga, and has a great vibe. He is a former ashtangi, which I’m interested in talking to him about. Everything I’ve read about the training gives me confidence that it will be a worthwhile program. At worst, I hope I’m going to have two weeks away from the daily grind geeking out on yoga. I’m doing a 40 hour ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson in August as well, so I’m keeping my bases covered.

Ok body, three more mornings to go.


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