Woah Nelly!

I woke up to snow this morning. I thought I was having a bad dream, but no such luck. I felt a low level of dread heading up the stairs to AYO. I was very low energy this morning and I took my time with practice. I probably fidgeted more than I’ve been allowing myself and I didn’t work on jump backs at all. In fact, I even stepped through in most of the second half of primary. No work on chakrasana confidence either, I just came up to sitting and jumped back to chaturanga. My right forearm was strained somehow, which was kind of painful and definitely had an effect on how much effort I put into my transitions. I also felt my knees in an uncomfortable way when I flipped out after garbha, so I was trying to be respectful of my body and take it slow. My teacher assisted me in kapo today, bringing my hands to my heels, which felt fine. It’s such an intense pose that I find it difficult to tell sometimes if I’m ok, or pushing to far. Supta vajrasana was a laugh, my fingers are just so far from my feet when I go back and my top leg wants to slide out of lotus. I tried jumping into bakasana B and my teacher gave me some pointers about where to engage that helped a bit, although the result was the same (totally unsuccessful). Then I got to add on baradvajasana and ardha matsyendrasana, which is one pose more than I thought I was going to add. I like the twists and they feel do-able. My teacher says we’re going to keep me here for quite awhile (whatever that means) so that I can get really comfortable with what I’ve got on my plate now, which I find to be quite a lot. I’m not too anxious to get to the leg behind head poses yet because that work is quite hard on my lower back, which is still feeling sensitive. So there I am. I think I’ve gotten a lot of poses in the last couple of months or so and I’m ready to work with what I’ve got right now. I still find primary to be enough of a challenge!


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