Another lovely Sunday

I missed led primary on Friday, which my body said was just fine. We’ll chock that one up to ladies holiday. This morning I was back on my mat. It was not the most effortless practice I’ve ever had, I definitely had some struggles. I was making a huge effort during the first half of primary to properly jump back. I usually just put my hands down in front of my legs and jump from there.  Today was the best I’ve ever managed to do with it, using the tips I got from David Swenson last weekend. I’m realizing as I write this that I’ve given up on getting my arms through in garbha and I should probably make some effort with that tomorrow. I had some very nice assists today, which is always great because it’s usually quite rare. I had a pretty good supta kurmasana today, although my hands wouldn’t clasp. I come out of kurmasana and fool around with eka pada and yoga nidrasana, hoping that one of these days I’ll be able to manage dwi pada and just lower down from there into supta. Maybe tomorrow. I feel like I rush a bit through intermediate until laghu. It all comes to a slow crawl there. I’m certainly not the first to say this but I will anyway; kapotasana is hard. It is so intense on my back, especially in B. I’m grabbing the top of my foot without help, but it’s quite challenging. Today my teacher came over to help me get my hands higher up my foot and it wasn’t too successful. I am definitely finding back bends less stressful on my back muscles after adding the next two poses. I cannot possibly imagine a time when I’ll be able to hold my feet in supta vajrasana, but anything is possible. I couldn’t quite stick it standing from drop backs today, every time was either too much push off or not enough. I think my blood sugar was low and I was getting tired. Tomorrow I add two more poses and start the challenge of jumping into bakasana B. Wish me luck!


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