Intermediately awesome

The title has nothing to do with me, I just liked the way it sounded. On that note, I do want to very briefly post about the last two stellar days of practice because they were noteworthy for me. Yesterday was back to my home shala and I was so happy to see all those familiar down dogs. I was also happy to be in a pain-free body and I really enjoyed practicing, even through poses that I had a tough time with yesterday ( like utthita hasta padangusthasana). I actually reintroduced a very slow chakrasana, setu bandhasana, and head stand. I finally  felt like I wasn’t cheating, which I do a bit when I’m modifying. Silly, I know. I did kapo, which wasn’t perfect but I’m able to grab about halfway up my foot without assistance, so I think that’s pretty good. My teacher came over and gave me supta vajrasana and bakasana A! I was stunned. I didn’t think I would get another pose for ages. She explained that she doesn’t like to leave someone at kapo longer than absolutely necessary because it’s hard place to stop for back bending. She watched me do the two poses and then told me to do the next two starting on Monday, even if she forgets. Wow! I’m feeling like intermediate is coming in such a different way than primary. I’m really having fun with it, but I’m also aware of how long my practice is getting. I was about two hours this morning in and out the door. That’s hardcore for someone who’s only pretending to be ok with early mornings. Regardless, I’m loving practice right now and have a new-found appreciation for my body since having to take a week off. Thank you body for all your cooperation!


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