Three days of kapo this week and it was going pretty ok. As in, not killing me. I’m sure I did not in any way resemble a beautiful Yoga Journal model, but the pose was certainly recognizable. I was just starting to toy with the question of how far it was safe for me to go. I had a conversation with Wednesdays assistant about the potential for injury because I have quite a flexible back but am tight through my front body, so my back is taking all of the stress of the pose. He felt that over time this would lead to an injury and that I should pull back a bit in my backbending postures to avoid that. Otherwise I had quite a nice week of practice up to that point.

Along came Thursday. I was having a very peaceful and lovely morning on my mat, until kurmasana. I was doing the same thing I do everyday, pushing my torso to the ground in order to stretch into my hips in prep for supta k, when something happened. It hurt. I came out the same as I usually would to enter the next posture but when I sat up and began stretching my left leg to play with eka pada, I had pain in my right low back/hip/psoas. I got up to walk a bit and see how bad it was and the pain was pretty awful. I couldn’t forward bend at all and walking was a challenge. I called it quits and did savasana. My yoga pal speculates that I have done something to my SI joint. Not too serious, but painful enough. Today was a fair bit better until I over did it a bit and now I’m fairly sore again. Idiot me. Pushing too hard and now I’ve gone and injured myself just a week before my trip to New York for the Yoga Journal Conference and my much-anticipated meeting with Richard Freeman, David Swenson, and Eddie Stern (among others). I am hoping I heal quickly but I’m still not 100% sure what’s wrong. I was so excited about practicing with my sister-in-law, who’s in town for the long weekend. It’s very disappointing and I’m already frustrated with my body’s limitations.

Dear universe, is now really the time for whatever lesson this injury is teaching me?!


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