Be careful what you wish for

Dear spine,

I’m so sorry for bending you to your limit this morning. I hope you won’t be too mad when I beg you to do kapotasana five mornings a week from now on. Oh, and yes, we still have drop backs after that.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


So the big story from my mat this week thus far is that yes, I have finally reached the dreaded kapo. Was it everything I had feared and more? Well, yes and also no. Getting into the pose was difficult. I had to really hang in a backbend twice before I could see the toes I was aiming for. I then got my hands to my toes, arms straight, but had absolutely no control of my arms. I had to completely surrender to my teacher, who brought my hands to my feet. I had to try twice because the first time down I got a little freaked out and thought my spine might snap so I came out. The second time I stayed with it and once I was in, it was ok. Not nice or relaxing, but manageable. I could breathe into it and I didn’t feel panicky. Anyway, I think my ego is massive now because I was so proud of myself for getting there, but I’m sure I’ll have a hard crash down tomorrow morning when I have to actually do it again. I’m mentally settling in because I think this will be my project for quite some time to come, and I’m feeling pretty great about that. Great, and also a touch apprehensive. My lower back and neck muscles this afternoon? They are not feeling to great about any of it. Ouch.


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