Long absence

It’s been a week of ups and downs in both practice and life. I missed led last Friday due to complete and total exhaustion. I needed a self-care time out. I did go to a workshop that evening with Hart Lazer, which was excellent. His Iyengar approach to the primary series was really perfect for me. I love all of that precision in alignment. We barely got through any of the primary series in the two hours, but it was very worthwhile. I also attended his back bending workshops the following day. Let me tell you, five hours of back bending is a lot. I loved it, but the sore muscles the next day were intense. The biggest take away for me was that if I want to have longevity in my practice I need to work on my back bend alignment. My feet have a tendency to angle out, especially during standing from drop backs, and Hart says that over time that will damage me. I certainly don’t want to be deteriorating the health of my spine through my practice.

My hectic and slightly insane work schedule meant missing Sunday and Monday practice, which I had enormous guilt over. Silly, I suppose, and I know it’s a life long practice and that missing one or two (or more) mornings is not the end of the world, but I always feel as if I’m really letting myself down. I was thrilled to be back on my mat Tuesday morning. The hot temperatures here this week made for very sweaty practice, my favorite. My back was still very tense so I was unsure hour drop backs would go, but they were great. I actually had a nice practice both days, Wednesday was similar. It’s always interesting to see how the body responds after a few days off. My hamstrings and hips felt tight, but other elements of practice were much more effortless. I’m finding laghu vajrasana to be less frustrating this week. I think I’m just thinking less about it and just doing the pose. My overly analytical mind can be a killer in certain postures. I’m feeling less and less intimidated and more ready for kapo, whenever that joins the party.

Off to bed shortly so I can be fresh and ready for those speedy transitions tomorrow morning!


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