New challenge

I was tired this morning. In fact, I almost didn’t go to practice because I slept half an hour later than I should have. I eventually dragged myself out from my warm cocoon and went to the shala. As always, I was so glad. I had a couple of moments during the standing poses when I thought “this is going to take forever” but that passed. I touched the floor with my pinkies in prasarita padottanasana C on my own, no assistance, which was a bit cool. I still have knee anxiety so I’m not doing the bind and bend forward in ardha baddha padmottanasana yet, although I suspect I could now. Guess who skipped purvottanasana again? My goal for the rest of the week is no skipping anything. I’m hating marychiasana a&b lately, but I’m getting through them. Supta kurmasana was ok today. Today’s assistant came and got my hands bound, which I held, but no foot crossing. My neck is feeling much better and, while I still didn’t do chakrasana today, I did hold setu bandhasana for all five breaths with my arms crossed. Improvement. My intermediate poses felt pretty good. I got some help from my teacher with the tension I was holding in my hands and arms during krounchasana, and also with bhekasana, which I still find quite challenging. Both Dhanurasanas were very hard today and my legs were visibly shaking during the final hold in parsva. I did ustrasana with no issues, then my teacher gave me laghu vajrasana. I did it twice. The first time was basically just mechanical instruction and I came right up, the second time I held it. I think it went well, of course it was very challenging. My thighs were pretty achy but it wasn’t as rough as I was anticipating. Hopefully it will help me feel more ready for kapo, which (as it made clear by my frequent references) I’ve been dreading. My back is feeling tender post-practice, but I’m energized. A new pose always gets me excited for the week.

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