Asana collection

Happy Monday, world! Well, happy so far because I’ve only been at work an hour and haven’t actually done much yet. I wanted to write about this mornings wonderful practice while it’s fresh in my mind. Spring is getting closer, which is obvious when I’m now leaving the house in daylight. I hate to admit it, but I’m already missing that cozy feeling that I got practicing in the dimly lit room on those pitch black winter mornings. Not that I want winter to restart, let’s not get carried away!

I had a peaceful practice this morning. I almost didn’t even register where I was in my practice until around janu C (which, by the way, is hugely improved). I got through utthita hasta padanguthasana with no fuss, and much better balance than yesterday. I’m developing an aversion to marichyasana B lately. It’s strange to me that sometimes poses that were once no big deal become difficult later. I’m struggling to grab my wrists and generally feeling awkward in it. I got some help in supta kurmasana today, and it seems I can either bind it or cross. My slippery fingers could just not hold on to each other as my feet crossed, damn you thighs! I love getting an assist in baddha konasana, which I also got this morning. I seem to have plateaued a bit with setu bandhasana, as I find it too difficult to stay up in the full pose (no arm beside head support) beyond 3 breaths. Intermediate is going well, or so I think. I actually got a reasonable grip in bhekasana, which is so helpful. Still not confident in the posture, though. I got two more poses today, parsva dhanurasana and ustrasana. I’ll just take it as it comes and trust that my body will find the stamina. While I recognize that Ashtanga is about more than simply “collecting” asanas, it’s still exciting to have a new challenge.

This is exactly what I looked like this morning, heels included 😉


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