Home vs shala

I admit it, I skipped led on Friday morning. I just couldn’t face getting out of bed. I was plagued by guilt until I finally practiced at home in the afternoon. I am awed and amazed by those who self-practice at home every day. It takes a different kind of willpower to ignore the distractions of home,  roll out your mat, stay focused and not skip those poses that you may not feel overly fond of. I got through it all, with some extra stretching cheats and no backbends. I then decided to try laghu vajrasana, just for fun. Or really, to test the waters and see how screwed I’m going to be. I can do the pose, and even get up from it, but it is such an effort. My psoas are stretching to the max and my hips are very low. I find the patience it takes to increase flexibility to be one of my biggest challenges in the practice.

This morning was lovely back at AYO. It was busy and warm and sun was streaming in the windows. Perfection. My right knee was still sore, my balance was crap, drop backs were only ok, but I really enjoyed all of it. Oh, and I forgot purvottanasana, again. I was sweaty and tired by savasana and what a great feeling that is! No pose today, but I’m fine with that. What I’ve got on my plate now is challenge enough to keep me occupied. Will I ever get my arms through in garbha? Will I ever bind supta k at the same time as my feet cross? I’m optimistic, so I guess I’ll have to go back again tomorrow.



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