Primary plus three

I’ve been pitiful and sick and, although I don’t really do the “ladies holiday” thing, I used it as an excuse to take Monday off. Tuesday was a moon day, so another sleep in. It’s amazing how easy it is to get out of the flow of morning practice. I had to drag my lazy, heavy body out of bed this morning. It was really tough! As usual, I was so happy to be back on my mat. I had a nice practice. No adjustments until pasasana. My hips were tight and my knees were cranky, but I got through with little fuss. Ok drop backs, my teacher is trying to help stretch out my psoas by helping me to bring more of an internal rotation to my thighs, which was intense in my lower back (over-compensating for those tight hip flexors). I also got another pose today, so I am now doing intermediate up to shalabhasana b.


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