Chugging along

This week I’ve been playing with the jump into bhujapidasana. That shit is hard. I’ve done it twice – once playing around last Saturday, and then at Sunday practice on my third try. When I have managed to land it, I’m way too far down my arms, making it tough to lower my head and bring my feet through. I give myself three tries per practice to avoid frustration. Thus far, that’s working out just fine. I haven’t figured out the gravity defying secret yet, although people say bandhas. I am squeezing the life out of those bandhas in my jump, but I’m not sure I’ve put it together. Regardless, I’m having fun with it.

Today’s practice was such an improvement over yesterday. I went in with low expectations since I’m still feeling like shit and everything was tight and paining me. I bumped into another sicky on my way in to the practice room and for some reason I felt comforted by that – like, I’m not in this alone, other people are not putting out their best either and that’s ok. Pasasana was pretty good today, the best I’ve felt in the pose ever, and I got kudos from my teacher, which is always nice. I think I’m really getting a handle on it, and maybe my Achilles will let my heels drop this lifetime. I also got a pose today! Welcome to the repertoire, krounchasana.


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