Extracurricular aches

I may have missed Friday morning practice, but that did not stop me on Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday. I did a weekend of acro yoga this weekend and it was a blast! My sister-in-law came from Toronto to play with me. We did lots of crazy stuff throughout the weekend and I’m so glad we went. I am so sore today, though! My shoulders and lower back are pretty tight.

I did still manage to do my own practice both yesterday and today, despite my aches and pains. I had an awesome practice yesterday. I was fast for me, and super focused. Pasasana was good, one arm through in garbha but no luck with #2, pretty good back bends. Today was a little slower and shakier. I was feeling pretty crappy, thanks to this virus I’m fighting off, plus the tired body. I had about 5 seconds where I thought I was going to get krounchasana, but no dice. Maybe tomorrow? I’m not doing any extra classes today or tomorrow and hopefully my muscles will feel less awful. Maybe I need to take another sick day today and go back to bed…



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