This morning I got pasasana and I was happy about it. I had a pretty solid practice, and when I saw my teacher walk over during my prep for urdhva dhanurasana, I knew I was going to start intermediate today. I think it was ok. I can bind fine, but my heels are pretty far up. Those with long Achilles are blessed for this pose. I’m hoping to cruise along after this. Bekasana is tough because it’s awkward to get into, plus the sweaty hands and feet make it challenging to hold on, but otherwise the whole first section of intermediate is totally manageable. We’ll see.

Setu bandhasana is going fine. I’m getting it slowly, feeling around and taking my arms across for about three breaths now, just working my way up to the full five. Drop backs are still slowly improving. Both practices yesterday were fairly decent. Just the stand up from UD is tough. No falls though. This morning my teacher told me that they’re looking very strong, so that was encouraging. I had a super practice at “fun ashtanga” last night. We did primary through to navasana and then worked on intermediate. I had two of my previous teachers beside me and it was nice to feel like I had a little cheering squad during backbends.

I have spent quite a bit of time analyzing my desire for more poses, curious if this was just an ego thing or what. I have nailed it down to this: yes, it is a little bit ego, but more than that it is the desire for a new challenge. I was very content in my practice when I got drop backs, regardless of whether I got the rest of primary right away or not, and that was because I had something I could really work on and see improvement. I have many postures that need improvement, but those are the long-term projects that involve increasing flexibility (mainly in my hips) or strength. What I really enjoy is having something to work on that I can struggle with but slowly gain confidence in. I hope to be there soon. Heading into practice with a little bit of nervous anticipation is fun.


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