“Make your vinyasa a straight line”

I was somewhat dissatisfied by my practice yesterday and had similar issues this morning. I have been noticing the sloppiness of my transitions and how much I have begun to allow myself to fidget. It starts around Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, the first pose I really dislike. I shuffle to one side of my mat, even if I have enough room not to need to, and I take my time getting my leg up. For all the half lotus postures, I have difficulty determining how much of the adjusting and stretching and re-adjusting is necessary for the safety of my knees and how much has just become habit. Even coming into dandasana, I shift and adjust before taking my final position. I went to a great ashtanga retreat in August with David Robson and one of our afternoon workshops was on vinyasa. He said “make your vinyasa a straight line,” meaning cut out all the extra moves – the dip to the floor in utkatasana, the prayer hands on the way back to samastihi, etc – and stick to the postures exactly as prescribed. I remind myself of this as I go through surya namaskara a & b, but lose it as the series progresses and my focus moves elsewhere with the increase in difficulty of the poses. My goal in the weeks to come is to decrease all of this unnecessary fiddling and stick to the sequence. I think led tomorrow morning will be a good reset for me. There is definitely no time for all the extraneous movement when someone else is doing the count.


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