Cold morning primary

I was at practice a little earlier than usual because of my hectic work schedule today. One thing I love about the winter mornings is the dark. I absolutely love getting to practice before the sun is up and the dim, warm escape from the cold. It’s been freezing here, in the realm of -20 to -30 in the mornings, which makes it tough to work up a sweat even with the heaters going. I miss being sweaty and the openness in my muscles. My hamstrings were tight today and the muscles down the middle of my back are sore. Despite that, I plowed on.

It was a nice morning on my mat. I tried not to take too long getting into each of the standing poses, but I also didn’t want to rush. I’m working on directing my focus to the strength and stability of my standing leg in utthita hasta padangusthasana, rather than trying to get height in my lifted leg. I read somewhere that would help. We shall see. I did lots of hip stretches between lotus poses, as well. No knee pain, so I’m hoping that continues. I was feeling a lot better in setu bandhasana already today, yesterday I don’t think I quite knew what was happening. I’m using my hands next to my head for support until I get it together to avoid neck issues. I totally skipped chakrasana and sirsasana today because I was having some strained neck issues. Maybe I’m the poster child for the NY Times article with all my yoga related body pains. I was feeling good in my backbends today and there was no falling at all, very little stumbling even. I took about one step for most of the times I stood up, but I did manage two that were totally solid. I got an awesome squish today from the assistant, which was amazing.

I have a feeling I’m not going to be moving on to intermediate for quite a while, and after looking over the series again last night I’m not too sad about it. One word – kapotasana (and that’s just the first scary pose). Eek, my psoas’ just shivered in fear.


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