Sunday Funday!

Another wonderful Sunday practice today. I felt focused, my drishti was much better than usual and my hips are starting to open up. I got a  juicy assist in down dog today, which doesn’t usually happen and felt great. I still can’t get my heels to the floor on my own, although I’m close, so the assist is a great stretch for my achilles. With a little push, I had hands to floor in prasarita padottanasan and that felt awesome in the tight places from yesterdays shoulder work. I also got a nice assist in baddha konasana and almost had my chin to the floor. I had a little breakthrough in supta k today when the weird painy tight spot in my left hamstring popped (in a good way)  and my legs opened up. No hand clasp, though, but I think I could have really gotten a lot farther with assistance. I’ll keep telling myself that. I didn’t try to feed my arms through in garbha, but I think I might tomorrow. My lotus is really coming along again, and my knees felt fine during practice, but are a bit stiff now. I need to remind myself to still be careful, I realized a few times I was being really careless with my joints when trying to tighten up lotus. I would hate to get yet another knee injury. I laughed at myself a bit this morning because I had difficulty remembering the series, for some reason. I didn’t miss any poses but I definitely caught myself almost skipping a few times.

Back bends, oh sweet back bends. I had a little adventure today with those. I got up from UD without much drama, but I had struggles getting up from my drop backs at first. There were a few false starts. My Wednesday night teacher was next to me and interrupted her own practice to give me encouragement and reminders. I did lots of drop backs and they got better. Some duds, but also some winners. I even got up twice without a single step or stumble. I could tell I was dehydrated because I was getting headaches.

I absolutely love the vibe of Sunday. I can take as long as I want to in savasana and when I get up, I can even sit and watch the other practitioners for a few minutes, no hurry. I love getting to come home after practice for a leisurely afternoon with my fam. I am going to curl up with a good book and numerous purring felines and relax. What luxury!


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