Slowly, slowly, all is coming

So, I was a naughty ashtangi again this week. Monday was a moon day, and I actually did zero yoga. Tuesday I was feeling quite crap so I allowed myself a lie in (skipping practice!). Wednesday I was back to mysore, and things were ok. Still managing a careful lotus, no skipped poses, drop backs were a bit stumbley but still improved. It was a nice practice. I also went to “fun ashtanga” in the evening and fun it was. We took some extra time at the end for back bending and I worked on drop backs. I did quite a few and they felt great! I love evening body.

Thursday was another fairly solid practice. I am pleased with both my attitude towards my practice lately, and the progress I’m making. I am trying harder to have a bit of perspective. I see people here in real life (not just magical youtube yogis) whose practice I admire, then I come to find out these people have been practicing upwards of 10 years. This soothes my fragile ego, if nothing else, and reminds me that I have only been working at this set series of asana for six months. I try to remember those poses that I used to have such struggle with that I am now able to do. More importantly, I feel I am releasing my grip on my need to achieve. Slowly.

Thursday night was Iyengar, a class I attend weekly and find very worthwhile. The class has a workshop feel, as back and forth is encouraged between teacher and student. Each student receives adjustment and personal attention as needed. I feel challenged by it in a very different way than ashtanga.

Friday morning I had to miss led because of an early start to my work day. I was sad about it, since my led class experience was so positive last week. I was too exhausted from trudging around in a blizzard all day to do an evening class, so no practice again.

Today I attended the second of four back bending workshops this month. I enjoyed it very much. I know my pesky psoas are very tight and opening that up would improve my back bends in a big way. We started with Sivananda style sun salutations, which were lovely but a big challenge because I kept trying to auto-correct back to the ashtanga version. We did work on upper back mobility and shoulder opening. Lots of ustrasana and some urdhva dhanurasana. I was very unmotivated to be there when I arrived because I was tired from working, but in the end I was glad I attended. I want to work at my “homework” for next week because back bends are my favorite part of practice right now, and improving them will just make them that much more fun.

Very much looking forward to tomorrow morning. Sunday funday at mysore practice!


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