Sunday love

I think I am going to love Sundays. It is so nice to get up at 8 and not have to rush anywhere. Practice is more relaxed because I know the day ahead isn’t full of stress and exhaustion. I can actually afford a long savasana. I hope I can continue to make Sunday mysore with my work schedule.

I had a great practice this morning. My knee is improving and I managed a tentative lotus today. I minimized a lot of my between posture fidgeting and didn’t skip any postures. My drop backs were hugely improved – hardly any stumbling and definitely no falls. My teacher even hugged me after class! I took her advice with my whole standing up head trip and just came right back up after going back, no pausing for thought collection (aka psych out). I also made an effort not to bring my chest and head up right away, but rather have them follow my lower body. We also discussed the fact that I’m almost finished primary. She wants to wait to give me setu bandhasana until my knee is feeling better. We’ll see when that might be, but I’m hoping this week sometime.

Tomorrow is a moon day, and while I won’t get to enjoy the sleep in that most ashtangis are, I am still happy to have a day for rest.


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