Approaching completion

Another week ends and I am sore. Yesterday’s practice was good. I’m being very gentle with my knee and it’s starting to heal. I completely skipped the entire warrior series and purvottanasana, which I realized when I saw someone else doing utkatasana. Oops, oh well. My practice was still mega long, with all the knee carefulness. I got two more poses, though, and am now one pose away from a complete primary series!!!! I cannot exclamation point enough to accurately communicate my excitement about that. I did chakrasana totally unassisted yesterday, which was great. I also did not fall in my drop backs and, while they weren’t pretty, they were more confident. I’m slowly putting the pieces together and I’m feeling dang good.

This morning was led primary, which is not my favorite. I did two Iyengar classes last night, so I was feeling a bit tired this morning and my body was ready for a break. I talked myself into going anyway and I’m glad. I know that all the reasons I dislike led class are the very reasons that make it important for me to go. The slow breath count can be very challenging in those poses that many of us like to speed breathe through. I felt so good about the fact that I made myself go when it was over, and the early time meant an extra long savasana, a serious luxury for someone who is always rushing out to get to work. I even went for tea after practice with a fellow practitioner to complete a lovely start to my day. That community feeling is definitely strengthened through going to led, in my opinion. Everyone is arriving and leaving around the same time, which inevitably leads to conversation. I love that. I longed for a community around me for years and I am really thrilled about getting to have a number of them in different places now. Just another reason to love mysore practice.


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