Why was coming up to standing not a problem until now? I thought I had this, and it was just going to get easier and better. Wrong. I fell again today, only slightly less dramatically than yesterday. My teacher says it’s good to fall, although I’m not sure how that’s true. I haven’t given up but my confidence is severely shaken. I had a big space cleared around my mat; I’m dangerous to practice near! I’m not sure what’s causing the falls exactly. My theory is that I’m not pushing off with enough oomph, possibly followed by lack of engagement by my core. Regardless, it didn’t happen every time, but 2/4 is still quite bad. My thighs felt like jelly when I started drop backs, which was definitely not helping matters. Tomorrow will be better, I’m determined!

Still making a bit of progress on chakrasana. Did it assisted again today, but I’m feeling better about some solo rolls tomorrow. My new poses were great and I’m feeling pretty good about my efforts today, for the most part. The knee problem persists, but I think I’m being gentle. The last thing I want is to make it worse because knees take forever to heal as it is.

Goal for tomorrow: not ending up on my ass unless it’s intentional.


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