I went to my “fun ashtanga” class on Wednesday night, as I do whenever possible. We were very bad and non-traditional, practicing some primary and some intermediate. I had a great class and my body was feeling very open – I wish I could have my evening body in my morning practice! At the end, we did backbends. I did my urdhva dhanurasanas, but was still unable to stand up from rocking. I got an assist up and then did a couple assisted drop backs. I decided to try one on my own and did it, except I got a little freaked out on the landing and get go of my elbows, coming to the floor.

This leads in to Thursday, which was a fairly crap practice for the most part, everything was feeling tight and sore. I didn’t even try to get my arms through in garbha. I did my urdhva dhanurasanas with not too much trouble. There was no one assisting, since my teacher was practicing herself, so I was on my own for drop backs. I came up into UD again and rocked up to standing for the first time ever (!!)- quickly falling on my ass. That gave me the confidence to give it another go and I made it up with no falling!! I then did my drop backs solo, coming up from each one like I’d always been doing it!! It was a pretty exciting moment for me. Definitely on the top of my all time yoga highlights list. I have been wanting to tell everyone since, but of course they either don’t care, or think I’m showing off, so I’m just using it as my happy place during the stressful moments at work. Hopefully I’m able to manage it again next week!

This morning’s practice was nothing special. I felt a bit like I just wanted to get through it and I think I was rushing my breath, until I was gently reminded that the movement follows the breath. I tried to be more mindful after that and practice was fine. I think these days I’m taking the attitude that every day I make it to my mat is a good day. I could easily pick apart every pose and dwell on how imperfect my execution is, but that would be so counter-productive and kind of irrelevant. I’m trying hard every day and slowly, slowly it is coming together.


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