Happy place

The last two mornings of practice have been great. Not that the asanas were executed with any degree of prowess, but I felt good anyway. I’m at a drop back impasse right now; too nervous to move forward into the land of no assist. I am starting to figure out what needs to be engaged in order to bend back without falling one way or the other, which is promising. I forget purvottanasa occasionally (maybe because I don’t like it), and yesterday was one of those days. I managed to clasp fingers in supta kurmasana today, but my hamstrings did not feel like cooperating to get me any further. I also got the furthest in baddha konasana that I’ve ever gone (with an assist), which was a bit intense, but good. I also think I did my best jump back from bhujapidasana today. No progress on garbha- I think that might be awhile. Perhaps another lifetime, when my legs are thinner and my hips looser.

I am loving practice right now and I look forward to it. It’s getting me out of bed early to get that 6:15 bus because I don’t want to miss a day.


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